Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A very bestest best good friend

2 months ago we packed up our small town existance, and headed 5 hours south to a much larger, but somewhat isolated Regional city.  In the process, Miss 8 (aka the Crazy Little Midget) had to leave behind her very bestest best good friend, which broke both their little hearts.

We were hoping to be able to have Miss Bestest best good friend come and stay with us for a few days during the Easter school holidays, but sadly life got in the way, and once again I had a very sad midget when we told her that we just couldn't possibly swing a visit.  

Midget's birthday is coming up (let's not get into that, I swear it wasn't 9! years ago that I was giving birth, it's just not possible) and every.single.birthday list has had the same thing on it.  She wants Miss bestie to come to her birthday party and stay for a few days.  She's left notes in my handbag reminding me to ring Miss Bestie's mum, sends me emails asking if it's been organised yet - yes my 8 year old has her own email, no I won't explain my reasons why I allowed it - and on one memorable occasion just last night rang my mobile from the house phone when Daddy was out and I was in the shower, and left me a full 60 second voice mail message begging me to let Miss Bestie come to stay.  

She'll be very happy to discover that I finally got around to ringing Miss Bestie's mum tonight, and Miss Bestie is coming for a full week in July.  Husband is worried about his hearing, cause damn, can those girls talk, and he's normally reaching for the nurofen after just one afternoon.  He's spent the last hour googling for the most kid-tiring-out-activities our local area offers, cause he has this bright idea that if he takes them hiking up the Lake Tower in the morning they might spend the rest of the day to tired to be loud.  In the word's of Daryl Kerrigan "Tell 'im he's dreamin!"

I'll be working for a good portion of the visit, so my hearing is safe (as are my legs, the Lake Tower hike is deadly)

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