Thursday, 8 September 2011

A little hiatus

Wow, it's been like 3 months since I last posted....  I guess that's what happens when life gets in the way. 

I think a short recap of what's been happening in the last 3 months is in order:

* This

Brand new (approx. 15ish hours old)
  Turned 9 and became

All dressed up ready for Showcase
My Great Grandma passed away (at age 92 and 5 days) after being not very well for quite some time.

I flew to Sydney for the funeral, and met Miss Moppet

We went on a trip to Melbourne so the Midget could compete with her dance team at the Showcase Regionals
They won 3rd place - after only 4 weeks of rehersals!
We've finally started to make some progress on the fertility front, having finally found a Dr who takes us seriously.  10 million needles later, there is still nothing that appears to be causing our infertility issues, but the Dr did say he was determined.  He gave 3 months to try and make it work naturally, if that doesn't work then we look at IVF after Christmas.

Fathers Day was spent with presents

Note the voucher that says One hour of peace and quiet from MUMMY

Cards and presents in bed

And snuggles with Daddy too
 And surprising old besties who were in town for the weekend

And this is them acting normally...........
The last month or so has also seen the back of 10ish kgs!  I can't say I'm sad to see them go either.

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